Flock 3.5

A browser with all links set for you on one page with auto login facility
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This application is just like your Internet browser but with many more features, especially, if you are into networking & blogging.
Flock has many quick links to various social sites and operations. Some of the features include people sidebar which is made to quickly load the people you are connecting frequently with, or to set some of your contacts as favorites. It also has Feedbar to enable users to keep all the feed they are reading and following in one place. The feature called 'My world' allows users to set various categories to store feed, media or search and many more quick links.

This browser stores so much of information set by users to ensure that almost every thing which is in daily or frequent use can be opened in just 2 or 3 clicks. With Flock it is easy to share and broadcast all your routine activities. You just have to configure all those links and usernames/passwords if there are any in Flock.

The most troublesome part with this browser is that it is too slow compared to other browsers and it crashes on certain networking websites.

This application once stable will be highly useful for many users as it has been created considering users' needs.

chinubhai s
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  • User friendly
  • Many links in one place
  • Quick share for video, pictures etc


  • Not stable version
  • Very slow at times
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